Hygienic Cladding

What are the Benefits?

The cleaner the better. Scroll down to see the advantages of hygienic cladding, it’s impact resistance, and ease of cleaning which can’t be rivalled by any other wall covering.

And don’t forget the cost of ownership of

these systems gives tremendous savings

in maintenance costs.

The correct sheet for the application.

PVC sheet cladding is widely accepted as a superior alternative to other wall covering methods as far as hygiene is concerned. With no grout or other surface imperfections to harbour dirt and germs, its easy clean surface is the natural choice for areas where cleanliness is paramount. Unlike ceramic tiles, a welded PVC cladding installation is watertight and moisture cannot penetrate through to the substrate, avoiding costly damage. We’re are installers for most of the prestigious suppliers of hygienic PVC sheet.

Pioneered by Altro with their Whiterock cladding product, many other options are now available with equal performance and warranty.

Installed using either trims or, where extra diligence is needed, thermoformed corners and welded joints, our cladding systems offer unparalleled reliability, durability and performance.

For that extra step in germ protection, an antimicrobial range is also available.


The images below are created using a special camera which captured a 360 degree image. On the thumbnails above you can use your mouse to scroll around and up and down. For a full screen (and much better) view, click on the “THETA” icon.  This opens the image on the Ricoh page. Next, click the icon on the far right of the menu at the bottom (mirror ball). Three new icons appear. Click the right hand one (straight). Now you can look around the room. Return to this site using your back button or clicking on the “Hygienic Cladding” tab at the top of your browser page.


SOS Waypoint complete a commercial kitchen using Bioclad's "Foodsafe" product. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

SOS Waypoint help provide a superbly hygienic environment within a cancer hospital using Bioclad's "Advanced" cladding. Patients here may be neutropenic and so so a clean environment is essential. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

This is a commercial kitchen catering for over 650 covers. The entire unit was clad with Bioclad’s “Advance Foodsafe” with welded joints and thermoformed corners. We fitted over 1,300 sheets in this project.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Accessible bathroom fully clad using Bioclad “Advance” sheet and Altro “Chameleon” high gloss sheet in the bed bays. All fully thermoformed and welded.

HUGE canteen and servery at a major distribution centre. All clad with Bioclad’s “Advance” material with fully welded joints and thermoformed corners.

2 Part Edge Trim
2 Part Joint Trim
Putting it all together……………

Our preferred jointing method is hot welding and thermoforming the corners. This way dirt traps are non-existent. Trims may be used if needed and welds can be replaced with either joint trims, mastic joints or the newer flexible joint.


Flexible Jointing Section
Vinyl Floor Transition Trim
Wetroom Detail

Trim’s Hidden Secrets.

We were called in to solve a problem in a hospital shower. The previous contractors had used the wrong method of making the transition from wall to floor. Instead of using a wet room detail, they used a standard floor transition trim. In consequence the water ran down the wall and went, in part, under the floor vinyl. The only remedy was to remove the cladding and replace the floor. We also had to re-plasterboard the water damaged areas or the wall.  What was a surprise though was the amount of grime and inevitably bacteria which was hidden underneath the vertical joint strips. This was an Altro cladding system installed in accordance with their instructions. The picture (and our apologies for it’s quality – we have excellent fitters but their photographic skills are a bit lacking), demonstrates how, during cleaning, grime and bacteria gets pushed under the trims and so isn’t really removed at all.

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