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Specialising In Customer and Employee Protection


Pre-Formed Stock Screens

In a choice of either acrylic or PETG clear material, these pre-formed screens are available in a range of  stock sizes and styles. Click for prices.

Flat Pack Stock Screens

These flat-pack screens are available in a range of styles and sizes in either acrylic or PETG materials. Click for prices.


Custom Made Screens

Custom built to suit your particular needs. Simply give us a call or email your sketch for a quote.

Cough screens – designed to offer protection to staff and customers.

Our world has abruptly changed to one where we must minimise contact with others. Hopefully this is a temporary measure. We design and manufacture a range of separation screens to minimise the cross contamination risk at points of contact. Using in-house CNC routers and cutters, thermoforming and hot welding equipment we can offer ex-stock flat pack screens, pre-formed screens and custom made screens.

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