Lockdown Plans

Securing your building in an emergency

Emergency Lock Down Plans


The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 dictates that certain organisations such as NHS hospitals and primary care trusts, have a duty to protect and promote the health of the community, including in times of emergency.  

As part of emergency preparedness, it is necessary to plan for incidents that might cause the site to go in to a state of progressive lock down.  We can assist you with your site profile by producing virtual 3-d floor lock down plans that easily identify the doors that must be locked once the lock down signal is received.  Each area, generally a ward, department, or offices, will have a plan showing the immediate area and adjacent areas and supports the Lock Down procedures on the Staff Action Cards.

These are bespoke plans, developed from your CAD floor drawings, and can therefore include other information that might be relevant to your emergency planning. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lock Down Plan

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