Door and Wall Protection

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 Our sheet offers perfect protection from the scuffs and degradation of everyday life. Doors are particularly susceptible to damage. Applying sheet to the door face can substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs and extend the decoration cycle, thus providing a positive cost benefit.  Applying to walls gives similar advantages.

Sheet can be applied either to contrast with decor or to blend in with surrounding surfaces. Using colour contrast can help in the guidelines in Approved Document M and BS 8300: 2001

The sheet can be fixed with either the smooth side or textured side out using impact adhesive or pressure sensitive tape.

For doors, cladding can be applied in any shape – from a simple rectangular sheet to a pattern to suit your scheme.

The same material can be used for kick plates and push-plates, giving that “through-designed” feel to the scheme.

Designs limited by only imagination…

As well as conventional cladding, we can take your design and turn it into a CAD file which we can then use to cut intricate shapes from our protection panels and fix them to the wall or door. The process is modern day marquetry and creates designs from the simple one opposite to ones as complex as you imagination allows.

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