It's not only white anymore...

Once upon a time……..


 …..there was a simple choice. Cladding was either white or nothing. Well, thankfully those days are gone.  We prefer to use only quality materials from the UK’s leading suppliers – Altro and Bioclad. With these two palettes the colour range these days has expanded enormously. From subtle hints of shades to fabulous vibrant gloss colours.

Starting with our satin finish pastel shades From Bioclad….

And on to our stunning high gloss, vivid colours from Bioclad. Oh, and black and white as well. Colours never look correct on a screen. Please request a swatch. Bioclad sheets are available in 2.44, 2.8, 3.05m x 1.22m x2.5mm thick. Please see the page on antimicrobial properties.

Now the sophisticated shades from Altro Whiterock Satins™. Sheets available in 2.5 and 3.0m x 1.22m x 2.5mm thick. These are not with antimicrobial additives, please see the page on antimicrobial additives for compelling reasons why these should be avoided.

And now the high gloss sheets from Altro. These have a full range of matching trims and the sheet is available in 2.5 and 3.0m x 1.22m x 2.5mm thick. Installations can be fully hot welded and thermoformed to give a near seamless finish.

We can't stress enough that these colours are only an approximation. Each screen and monitor shows then slightly differently so please request a swatch before making your final choice.

Just a note on sheet sizes. We find that most applications are either a 2.5 or 2.7/2.8 ceiling height. Generally there is a 100mm skirting or cove vinyl detail. It’s worth bearing in mind that if it’s a 2.7 ceiling, with Altro that has to come from a 3.0m sheet. So, there’s a lot of scrap to amortise out.

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