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Why 3D?

Evacuation plans are generally simply extracts from the CAD file and posted of the wall without much consideration. Usually, people struggle to understand technical representations and much prefer instruction which more accurately represents how they view the world. The answer is virtual 3d. Each of our plans is produced to align with the place they are viewed at. Each one within the building is different.

If you’re familiar with our 3d plans, click on the buttons to take you directly to the product, or scroll down for information, explanations and FAQs.

Take the Test

Use the “Forward ” and “Back” ( <,>) icons below to change the different wasy the evacuation routes of the same building can be expressed. Which one do you think is clearer?

Our 3D plans are generally used for either evacuation or lock down plans.

Click on the thumbnails below to see examples.



Northern General Ultrasound Department
Sussex campus 3D Plan
A Floor Orange Department

With thanks to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Children's Hospital and the University of Sussexfor allowing us to publish their fire evacuation plans on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to produce the plans?
Usually we work from your existing .pdf or, ideally CAD plans of your buildings. We can accept most formats of CAD. If no plans are available, we can survey your building and produce them for you.
What information can they show?
We can annotate with any information you require. Generally we mark call points, fire extinguisher positions, primary evacuation routes and alternative evacuation routes. Other information such as refuge points, evacmats, dry risers etc may also be shown. It’s entirely up to you. It’s important though to not overpopulate the plan such that it becomes complicated.
Can you install them as well?
We can install these for you. They are usually in A3 snap frames which are either bonded or screwed to the wall. We also supply anti-ligature frames.These are fixed with anti-tamper security screws.

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